Year 21 Patch In Heritage Tan

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Celebrate the remarkable year of 2021 with the Year 21 Patch in Heritage Tan. This exclusive patch, measuring 3cm long and 0.5cm wide, pays homage to the incredible memories and milestones of that year.

Featuring a stylish heritage tan background, this patch showcases the number "21" in a bold and captivating design. Whether you're a dedicated H.O.G. member or a collector of H.O.G. memorabilia, this patch is the perfect addition to your collection.

Attach it to your favourite jacket, vest, or bag to proudly display your connection to the H.O.G. community and commemorate the unforgettable moments of 2021. Join us in celebrating the spirit of adventure, camaraderie, and the incredible experiences that made 2021 a truly special year for H.O.G.

Get your Year 21 Patch in Heritage Tan today and carry the memories of 2021 with you wherever you ride.