H.O.G. Eagle Coin

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Introducing the H.O.G. Eagle Coin, a symbol of pride and camaraderie for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. This exquisite collectible coin features the iconic H.O.G. Eagle logo, showcasing your dedication to the Harley-Davidson community.

Measuring approximately 45mm in diameter, this coin is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Made from high-quality materials, it has a substantial weight and a luxurious feel in your hand. Whether you display it in your collection or carry it as a token of your membership, the H.O.G. Eagle Coin is a cherished keepsake.

Celebrate your love for Harley-Davidson and showcase your membership in the H.O.G. community with the H.O.G. Eagle Coin. It's not just a coin—it's a symbol of your unwavering passion for the open road.